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Name:Lifter with microphone
Model: JN-15.6 / 17.3 / 18.5 / 21.5 Panel keys: Menu key, switch key, down key, pause key, up key, speak
Material: high-grade aluminum wire drawing Color: silver, black
Chassis interface: host switch, HDMI, VGA, network, input / output interface, data transmission, power interface
Tel: 020-62117048

(1) When the display screen rises, the movable door opens automatically, and the display screen stands upright and automatically turns on the power supply.

(2) The default pitch angle of the display has been pre-set, which can be fine-tuned or continuously adjusted as required


◆The whole machine adopts ultra-thin design, and the panel is treated with 5mm aluminum wire drawing fine grain anodizing and coloring process, which is exquisite and beautiful;

◆Equipment can be controlled by buttons and remote control. It also supports centralized control through the central control software. It can be controlled through the host. One key can make all the equipment in the room rise or fall.

◆Ultra-thin high-definition touch LCD screen design adopts original high-resolution (1920*1080) bare screen, IPS full viewing angle screen, and the overall thickness of the screen body is ≤4.0mm;

◆The panel is equipped with an external computer host switch and an external USB interface. Files can be browsed or uploaded by connecting a U disk.

◆It can support high-definition HDMI and VGA input at the same time. When there is only one signal input, the screen will automatically recognize the signal. When two signals are input at the same time, it can be manually switched through the panel buttons. When there is no signal input, the screen will automatically enter the power saving mode.

◆With power protection function: the LCD screen will automatically supply power when it rises; when the LCD screen is down, it will automatically cut off power, reducing power consumption, eliminating the cumbersome switching of the display every time, and extending the life of the display.

◆The panel control button can not only normally control the machine's ascent, descend, forward and backward, but also press the function switch button to switch to adjust various parameters of the display, such as brightness, color, etc.

◆The whole machine has passed EU CE certification, ROHS certification, CCC certification, ISO certification, etc.

◆The product has an integrated microphone lift, the microphone lift has an automatic straightening function, without manual hand support; when the straw is bent, the machine can automatically straighten the straw without damaging the straw

technical parameter:

◆Elevator panel size 600*85*5mm, box size 575*75*695MM

◆Elevation angle: the primary elevation angle is 14 degrees, and the secondary elevation angle reaches 30 degrees;

◆Display brand: BOE

◆Display area: 382.08(W)×241.92(H) mm

◆Appearance size: 398.1(W)×250.5(H) ×3.2(D) mm mm

◆Display resolution: 1920×1080 (full HD)

◆Viewing angle: 85/85/85/85 (Typ.)(CR≥10)

◆Screen ratio: 16:9

◆Material: high-grade all-aluminum wire drawing process

◆Control mode: central control, remote control, manual control

◆Remote control distance: 50 meters

◆Working temperature: 0-75°C

◆Relative humidity: not more than 80% (20±5°C)

◆Color: silver/black, other colors can be customized

◆Chassis interface: host switch/HD/VGA/central control input/output interface/data transmission/power interface

◆Panel keys: menu key/open key/down key/pause key/up key

◆Motors: 2 (control up and down, forward and backward)

◆Microphone type: unidirectional

◆Embedded installation, pluggable double soft microphone tube

◆Microphone interface: aviation 8-core interface, hand in hand connection

◆Microphone length: 390mm

◆Reference speaking distance: 20-120cm

◆Frequency response: 100Hz—16KHz

◆Sensitivity: -44dB±2dB

                                                      Thin synchronous belt microphone lifter

                                                        Asynchronous lifter with microphone