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Name:Paperless meeting software
The paperless office conference system is a paperless conference system tailored for government party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions, and large group companies. Provide participants with an extremely convenient and practical meeting platform, and achieve a brand-new meeting mode with the ultimate goal of reducing meeting costs, improving meeting efficiency, ensuring meeting safety, and improving meeting quality.
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Shutdown: Exit the meeting directly and turn off the current device. The moderator supports the one-key shutdown function. The moderator can close all client devices in the conference room (excluding the server) with one button.


Settings: You can set the server background connection parameters, file download directory parameters, software self-starting options, etc., and provide three different styles of exquisite themes, which can be switched at any time as you like.


Application for exit: Clients who need to exit temporarily can send exit application to the host one-to-one. The host can obtain exit information in real time and give real-time feedback. The exit will not open to ensure that the meeting process is not interrupted without interruption.


Smart sign-in: Enter into the paperless conference system terminal, conduct a key-in session and sign in, the sign-in information back-end host automatically summarizes and stores records.

Meeting information: After participants sign in, highlight the basic information of the meeting, and you can see the main meeting information, including the title of the meeting, meeting time, and meeting topics.

Agenda manuscript: support participants to view and mark the content of manuscripts, including meeting materials, presentation files, meeting reports, support common formats such as doc/ppt/xls/pdf/dwg, and support participants to upload and download files, and support document browsing . (The background provides setting functions, which can restrict permissions in a targeted manner)

Manuscript reader: browse documents and make real-time annotations, save valuable annotations, support a variety of drawing tools, and flexibly annotate files, such as brushes, straight lines, circles, rectangles, etc., and for touch screen The operation is optimized for orientation, the operation UI is convenient and easy to use, and it supports double-finger zoom in and zoom out on the touch screen.

Conference sign-in: Summarize the sign-in information of the participants, adopt a variety of display methods, display the sign-in status with an intuitive data pie chart, and display the sign-in status of each participant at the same time.

Meeting record: Participants can record the content they need through the meeting record module, and can flexibly use text input and whiteboard drawing to record important meeting information. The whiteboard drawing mode supports a variety of drawing tools and can be edited, modified, deleted, Save it locally, and automatically upload it to the server background when you exit the software for saving and downloading.

Demonstration follow: during the meeting, when participants are invited to the same screen, any paperless conference terminal can choose to browse asynchronously, temporarily exit the same screen broadcast and enter other system functions, and then use the demo follow module to track quickly with one key Enter the same-screen broadcast state, the same-screen interface is the interface of the previous same-screen person, no need to re-invite.

Voting: The voting function is the function of voting for the corresponding voting and election during the meeting. The meeting host is required to initiate a vote. Participants can choose to vote, choose (real name), (anonymous), (abstain), and bid farewell to traditional voting. After voting is complete, participants can see the results of the voting, and non-anonymous voting can view the list of voters. The host computer can project the voting results to the big screen.

Electronic whiteboard: support personal use and interactive use, support multiple people to share paintings and calligraphy on the same whiteboard at the same time, support synchronous drawing on the whiteboard, facilitate direct discussion on the whiteboard, and support a variety of drawing tools, such as brushes, straight lines, circles, and rectangles At the same time, it is optimized for touch screen operation, and the operation UI is convenient and easy to use.

Tea service: During the meeting, participants can call the service staff through the conference system to provide call content such as tea, paper and pen, and custom services. Without talking, the service staff can receive the call information in the background in real time and respond in time.

Text communication: any paperless conference terminal can send conference information during the conference, supports two modes of handwriting and keyboard input, supports single chat and group chat, supports real-time display of sending and receiving information, and supports message reply and chat Record saving, etc., and there will be flashing reminders for unread information.

Soft keyboard: It supports to call the soft keyboard, even if the device is not equipped with a keyboard, you can type text, and supports soft keyboard input and handwriting input, which is convenient for users of multiple ages.

E-mail Internet access: multiple URLs can be added to the background management platform, and the URL can be opened directly through the client, which is equivalent to a favorite URL.

Same screen: Participants can invite any one or more terminals to display on the same screen. The host computer can also invite all people to display on the same screen. After the same screen is forced, no terminal except the host terminal can operate. The second opening is to cancel the same screen.

Projection: Any terminal can be displayed on the same screen on a large screen, quickly displaying the information on its own screen.

Video-on-demand: support streaming video playback in multiple formats, local video and server video playback; any terminal can be on-demand, after the video on-demand, the large screen and other terminal pages will play the video, and support streaming media playback ( Just enter the video source address)