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Types of ultra-thin LCD screen flippers

The LCD flipper is Junnan's main product. The newly developed ultra-thin flipper overcomes the cumbersome appearance and unstable flipping defects of the previous flippers. The new generation of flippers has a beautiful appearance, no noise, and a lightweight and stable body. And other features, it is the first-choice supporting equipment for office furniture. Ultra-thin flipper, with up and down keys, built-in mouse and keyboard, and the panel adopts wire drawing process, which fully demonstrates the high-end temperament of the office.

1、1. With mouse and keyboard flip device;

1. With mouse and keyboard flip device;

2、Ultra-thin screen half-turn flipper terminal;

Ultra-thin screen half-turn flipper terminal;

3、Ultra-thin microphone with screen up flipper;

Ultra-thin microphone with screen up flipper

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