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In enterprises, it is necessary to hold meetings frequently. The types of meetings are also diversified, and there is a tight gap between meetings and meetings. However, the conference table cards are the most used for meetings. In the past, paper table cards were used. Need to change the unused display paper, and it is very labor intensive and not environmentally friendly. With the development of science and technology, many modern enterprises choose to use ink screen electronic table cards.

Ink screen electronic table card

Our company is Guangzhou Junnan Technology Co., Ltd., which has been rooted in this industry for ten years. The source manufacturer, independent research and development, exclusive customization, our ink screen electronic table card has a long standby time, two dry batteries can be used for about a year, and dry batteries can Replace it yourself.

Features of ink screen electronic table cards:

1. Energy-saving and power-saving, convenient operation, wide range of applications;

2. Environmental protection, green and low carbon;

3. It is convenient and quick to update participant information directly by mobile phone, without routing or USB transmitter base station;

4. There are multiple ways to update information, ANDROID NFC update + Bluetooth update;

5. It can enhance the company's image for you and improve the overall operating efficiency for the company.

The ink screen electronic table cards of Guangzhou Junnan Technology Co., Ltd. can be used repeatedly, effectively avoiding waste of resources, efficient and intelligent, exquisite workmanship, and high-end atmosphere.