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Advantages of LCD flippers

The LCD screen flipper is mainly used in public security, military, school, hospital, large enterprises, trading halls, and other paperless multimedia digital conference systems. When the flipper is turned on, the display screen will automatically flip to an angle of 120°, when not in use When, the display screen can be automatically flipped and hidden inside the desktop through the remote control (or central control, centralized control). The product adopts a standardized structure, exquisite design, and has functions such as anti-theft, dust-proof and beautify the desktop. The products are constantly updated and updated. From the initial standard definition to the current high definition, the bulky thick screen is updated to the ultra-thin tempered glass screen, which is more portable and beautiful.

LCD flipper

Advantages of LCD flipper:

1. Electric control, free turning, beautiful appearance;
2. Flexible use, good stability and strong shock resistance;
3. Wireless remote control, centralized control and support Rs232 and Rs485;
4. Convenient installation and simple operation;
5.1080P HD display;
6. Ultra-thin screen design;
7.0 to 120 angles can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the visual angle of all people;
8. With mechanical anti-pinch function.

Our products are made of high-quality raw materials, factory direct sales, reasonable prices, and can be installed on the door. When making Guangzhou Junnan's flipper, it takes into account its generous appearance, stable product performance, product safety, and product harm to the human body. Whether it is minimized or not, electronic products will definitely generate a certain amount of radiation. Products are environmentally friendly, such as lead-free, non-chemical and energy-saving electrical components, and simple and convenient product operation.