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Right-angle silver non-wire pop-up desktop socket

Model: JN-201

Brand: Junnan

Description: Product features

Right-angle and round-corner panels, two styles, you can choose;

Damping spring structure, slowly open, quiet and light;

Multimedia modules are optional, arbitrarily configured, and combined on demand.

Zinc alloy pop-up desktop socket is a series of hidden sockets specially designed for conference tables and cabinets and other furniture. Tap the top switch, the socket opens smoothly, and the interface of the functional parts appears for use; when not in use, just gently press the socket. It will be lowered to the level of the table and the table top to keep the table top clean and beautiful.

Model: JN-201

technical parameter

Material: Zinc Alloy

Color: silver, black

Module: 1 universal power supply, 2 networks, 1 XLR (male),

1 RCA, 1 VGA (modules/functions can be customized according to customer requirements)

Panel size: 266*130*6.5mm (right angle)

Bottom box size: 222*108*67mm

Rated current: 10A

Rated voltage: AC110~220V/50Hz